Dutch Oven Cooking: Off-Grid Before Off-Grid Was Cool.

Dutch Oven Cooking

Since September is Preparedness Month I’ve teamed up with my friends at Prepared Bloggers to bring you 30 Days of Preparedness. Each day a different blogger will tackle a Preparedness related topic, I’ve signed up for Day 20 how to prepare a meal with off-grid cooking techniques. I’m excited to tackle this project and showcase Dutch Oven Cooking. I think that Dutch Oven Cooking is one of the premier skills you can cultivate for short and long term preparedness.

History Of Dutch Oven Cooking

The Dutch weren’t the first people to create cast iron cookware but they may have been the best. They perfected a method of sand casting iron vessels that left an amazingly smooth finish on their pots and pans. In particular the large pot that to this day bears their name became an amazing success. It was this black pot or Dutch Oven that would help settle the Western reaches of the United States! Sounds a bit unbelievable until you consider how settlers were able to trek across a Continent with nothing more than what their ox drawn wagons could carry. Each day on the trail they were responsible for feeding themselves in a time when food preservation was rudimentary at best. Nobody was ripping open MRE’s or Mountain House. It fell to those skilled in the arts of Dutch Oven Cooking to prepare meals to nourish those out on the trail and you can be sure that they wrung the most out of those big old hunks of cast iron! They were serving much more than just soups and stews! In fact the Dutch Ovens of the wagon trains prepared the daily bread on those long and treacherous journeys. Dutch Oven Cooking also found it’s place in a later day as cowboys mounted the great cattle drives of the West as they moved the herds to market. In this day and age unless you have a nut like me in your circle of friends or were exposed to it in scouting the art of Dutch Oven Cooking may be lost to you. Keep reading and I’ll show you how to prepare a pretty mean breakfast that will fill your belly with warm food on a rough morning.

Dutch Oven Cooking Tips And Tricks



Thanks for joining the Prepared Bloggers as we work our way through 30 Days of Preparedness. September is National Preparedness Month so you will find everything you need to get your preparedness knowledge and skills into shape.

Take one post each day, learn as much as you can about the topic and make it a part of your preparedness plan.

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Dutch Oven Pizza Is Easy And Fun!

Dutch Oven Pizza

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Dutch Oven Pizza

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