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Prepper Road Trip Part 1: The Pre Trip

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Road Trip

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The Prepared Road Trip

The family road trip is a time honored tradition, here is the first part of our series on how to do it Prepper Style. A good road trip starts with pre trip planning. Vehicle maintenance needs to be addressed before you pull out of the driveway and good route planning is key to avoiding a lot of headaches.

Vehicle Maintenance

While you should be maintaing your vehicle at all times the long distance road trip provides a perfect time to whip your ride into shape.

Tires and Brakes

  • Check the air pressure in all of the vehicles tires.
  • Inspect the condition of all the tires.
  • Check out your brakes. If you can’t do this yourself have a qualified person do it for you. Stopping is pretty darn important

Oil and other fluids

  • Check the oil level and make sure it is filled. I like to change the fluid and filter before a big road trip.
  • Check and top off the other fluids.
  • Wiper fluid is especially important if driving into the South East. The bugs are unbelievable!

 Route Planning

Putting a little bit of time and effort into planning out your route can only help the road trip go smoothly

  • GPS is a great tool but I find it to be a hindrance at times. On our recent trek down I-95 from New York to Florida the GPS took us through the heart of Washington DC. I had looked at the map and wanted to stay on I-95 but instead I listened to the siren song of technology. The GPS also goes a little bit bonkers when it comes to navigating around New York City. My wife does find it comical when I argue with my Smartphone.
  • Take an Atlas. Like I said the GPS had some limitations and having a good old fashioned map with you can’t hurt.
  • Do a bit of internet research about potential rest stops. In this day and age there is no reason to end up in a sketchy part of a strange city. Why expose you and your family to unnecessary risk.

The Wrap-up

Some time and effort before you leave on a road trip can eliminate a host of potential problems out on the Interstate. The prepared road trip is all about maximizing fun and minimizing potential trouble! Stay tuned for Part 2: Gear and Supplies.


AAA is still an excellent resource for the family road trip

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Motorola Two Way Radios For The Prepper

Motorola Two Way Radios
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Communications in a disaster situation are an important part of any Prepared Families basic plan. Motorola Two Way Radios provide a lot of bang for the buck, and like any good recommendation from The Backyard Pioneer they are useful in non disaster situations as well. The Motorola MJ270R [...]

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